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Why Custom Content is More Engaging and Fosters Audience Trust

Why Custom Content is More Engaging and Fosters Audience Trust on Media Intercept

Content marketing can be a powerful way to build your brand and connect with customers, but what if you want to take it one step further? What if you want to create content that's actionable, engaging, authoritative, and original? The answer: custom content. Creating custom content gives you the ability to tap into your own expertise and knowledge. It lets you offer something truly unique that speaks directly to the needs of your audience—and it can help earn their trust in the process.

Below are the reasons custom content is more engaging and trustworthy, which can also be used as guidelines for getting started with your own custom content strategy:

Offers quality content.

Custom content is not a regurgitation of your marketing materials. It's also not a sales pitch. Custom content is well-researched and well-written, and it offers value to the audience in the form of unique insights, timely advice or newsworthy information.

Custom content that offers unique value has been proven to be more engaging than generic blog posts. In fact, custom blog posts receive an average of 34% more engagement than their generic counterparts. In addition, 73% of marketers say custom content is the most effective tactic for engaging customers on social media and 59% say it’s more effective than email marketing. In order to get those numbers up even higher, consider these three tips:

  1. Customize your content with questions related to the reader's pain points or interests

  2. Investigate topics that are trending in your industry or market segment

  3. Focus on specific personas within your audience who could benefit most from this topic

Taps into the brand's expertise.

Custom content is an opportunity to demonstrate your brand's expertise and build audience trust by providing valuable information on topics relevant to them. A good example of this would be if you're a fashion brand, showcasing how to wear different items in different ways or sharing tips on how to keep up with trends. As long as the content is useful and informative, it will be engaging.

Is tailored to your audience.

Custom content is carefully written with the reader in mind, which means they'll get more out of what you have to say because you're giving them something they want. It's not a generic message that could be sent to anyone; it's more relevant to their interests and needs.

Is driven by a real strategy.

Custom content always serves a purpose. As you begin creating your own thoughtful, strategic campaigns and campaigns for clients, it's important to think about how each piece fits into the overall puzzle of building audience trust and loyalty.

In order for your custom campaign to be successful, here are some key things you need:

  • Research: You should have statistics and data that help prove why this particular message is necessary (or at least better than another option).

  • Strategy: Every piece needs its place within the larger framework so that each one works together instead of against each other or competing with other efforts outside yours—like social media posts or email blasts from other teams at work!

Elaborates on your marketing goals.

When you’re looking at the marketing goals and objectives of your organization, don't just ask yourself what those goals are. The next step is to figure out how custom content will help you meet them. If all your strategies align, a reader exploring your various pages and content pieces will not identify contradictions and lose trust.


Custom content is more engaging than general, pre-packaged content because it offers tailored solutions and personal experiences. By showing your audience that you know what they need and care about their needs, you will build trust and loyalty.

We hope our tips help you get started on creating your own custom content. If you're looking for more guidance or help scaling these efforts, reach out to us to learn about our services.


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