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Transforming Email Marketing Strategy: How Media Intercept Saved Groupees $10K/Month

Publisher Case Study on Media Intercept

The power of a compelling story is timeless and unrivaled. It is an essential strategy to get your message across and captivate your audience. Media Intercept harnesses this power by offering cost-per-click sponsored newsletter and editorial placements. Our network of premium publishers and targeted audiences allows us to scale your campaigns, optimizing return on investment (ROI). But, don't just take our word for it. Let us take you through our journey with Groupees.

Groupees, a forward-thinking company with hundreds of thousands of email subscribers, found themselves in a predicament. Their email marketing strategy was costing them a whopping $10,000 per month using tools like MailChimp and Klaviyo. Despite the substantial investment, they weren't achieving the desired level of engagement. That's when Media Intercept stepped in.

Groupees Homepage on Media Intercept

Understanding Groupees' specific needs, we set out to devise a strategy that was not only cost-effective but would also enhance their marketing effectiveness. The solution? A shift to [Substack](, a newsletter and sponsored content platform. With its powerful features, Substack offered a flexible, scalable, and more importantly, a cost-free alternative for their email marketing campaigns.

With our help, Groupees transitioned to Substack, keeping their vast audience engaged through custom, engaging content and sponsored newsletters. This platform enabled better collaboration and significantly improved the content delivered to their subscribers. The result? A drastic reduction in costs, from $10,000 to virtually zero, while maintaining, if not improving, the quality and engagement levels of their emails.

More importantly, with the funds saved, Groupees was able to invest in other areas to further their business growth. Whether it was enhancing their website, launching new campaigns, or simply improving their products and services, the financial relief provided them with more opportunities to thrive.

As a proud partner, Media Intercept’s role was integral to the success of Groupees' new strategy. We offered expert advice, helped establish a roadmap for transition, and provided continued support during and after the implementation. This case is a testament to the value we bring to our clients - cost-effectiveness, adaptability, and a sharp increase in ROI.

Today, Groupees continues to engage their subscribers and attract new ones. Thanks to their successful migration to Substack, they are more equipped to tell compelling stories to their audience, without the burden of excessive costs.

Media Intercept is committed to empowering businesses, small and large, with solutions tailored to their unique needs. We take pride in our proven track record of saving clients significant money while enhancing their marketing effectiveness. The Groupees' success story is just one of many, and we are excited about the many more success stories yet to come.

Want to know more about Groupees? Visit to explore their journey further.


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