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From Pumpkins to Profits: Case Studies on Halloween Marketing Campaigns That Worked

Halloween is not only a season of spooks and treats but also a time for brands to engage in creative marketing ventures. Several brands have cleverly harnessed the Halloween spirit to connect with their audiences, drive social engagements, and boost sales.

Case Studies on Halloween Marketing Campaigns That Worked on Media Intercept

Mars Wrigley: "Halloween it like you mean it"

Mars Wrigley's campaign encouraged Halloween participation through a dedicated website offering an interactive online experience. It provided a 'Handy Candy calculator' for candy shopping, Halloween recipes, decoration ideas, and shopping links, adding a promo code offer for that extra sweet deal​.

Mar's Wrigley's Halloween Campaign on Media Intercept

Liquid Death: Martha Stewart Dismembered Moments Candle

Liquid Death collaborated with Martha Stewart for a chilling Halloween campaign, creating a 'Dismembered Moments Luxury Candle'. The campaign featured a spooky commercial with Martha Stewart, blending horror aesthetics with a surprising comedic touch​.

Liquid Death: Martha Stewart on Media Intercept

UNICEF: Digital Halloween Campaign

Transitioning from physical to digital, UNICEF revamped its traditional Halloween campaign. Now, orange boxes turned into QR codes, facilitating donations anytime, anywhere, appealing to a broad demographic from school kids to millennials and Gen Z, fostering a culture of social giving during Halloween​.

UNICEF: Digital Halloween Campaign on Media Intercept

FitVine: Healthy Halloween Treats

FitVine launched a playful email marketing campaign promoting its low-sugar wine offerings. By integrating Halloween-themed elements and engaging narratives, the brand emphasized its health benefits in a festive manner​.

FitVine Halloween on Media Intercept

Sprayground: Text Marketing Spooks

Sprayground leveraged text marketing to showcase its Halloween collection. The campaign featured a funny GIF of mummy-like creatures, coupled with playful texts, blending humor and creativity, which resonated well with the audience, enhancing brand visibility and engagement​.

Sprayground Text Marketing on Media Intercept

Burger King: Spooky Halloween Game

In a whimsical spirit, Burger King introduced a spooky Halloween game, demonstrating a lighter, fun side of the brand during the Halloween season​.

Burger King Halloween on Media Intercept

Twix: Left and Right Twist

Twix continued its theme of left and right sides of their chocolate bars with a Halloween twist, seamlessly blending their brand message with the festive theme​.

Fanta’s Snapchat Spectacle

Fanta’s Halloween campaign on Snapchat engaged a whopping 25 million unique users, exemplifying the power of social media platforms in executing successful Halloween marketing campaigns​.

ASOS: TikTok Halloween Challenge

ASOS hosted a TikTok challenge, # AsosDayToFright, encouraging users to showcase their Halloween looks. The challenge garnered a staggering 2.7 billion views, demonstrating the engagement potency of creative Halloween marketing on social media platforms​.

ASOS Halloween on Media Intercept

These case studies exhibit a blend of creativity, strategic digital utilization, and a deep understanding of target audiences, which were instrumental in crafting Halloween marketing campaigns that not only resonated with audiences but also drove significant engagement and conversions.


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