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Custom and Engaging Content

We know that the best way to get your message across is by telling a story.

That's why we specialize in cost-per-click sponsored newsletter and editorial placements that drive ROI for our clients. Our network of premium publishers and targeted audiences lets us scale your campaigns, so you don't have to.


newsletter and sponsored content platform.


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We believe it’s possible to create an environment where creativity flourishes and results matter. That’s why our unique approach combines the look and feel of a traditional PR firm with the tactical precision of a performance marketing agency.

Available Formats

Available Formats

Media Intercept's placements include strictly premium inventory, resulting in superior conversion rates.

Sponsored Content


Tell your story with sponsored posts created by our Editorial Team and written in the tone & format of the publishers. Each article is a custom, organic piece of content to ensure vetted leads and real results.

Newsletter Inclusions


Let your audience find you by meeting them where they are. We seamlessly integrate your messaging into the newsletters that your audience is already reading, and we can offer it to you on a CPC rather than CPM. Newsletter Inclusion & Dedicated Email marketing is the best way to reach pre-qualified leads at scale. 

Native Placements


We worked with our publishers to build native display & banner ads that work with the flow or their editorial page or newsletter, rather than disrupt it. These units are ad-served.

Streamlined reporting and payments

Monitor publisher performance in real-time.

Get immediate insight into your return on investment (ROI) for each campaign.

Real Time Reports

Verified Publisher Data

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Connect with difficult-to-reach users by partnering with the publishers they trust in the format they are used to digesting. Our approach combines the art of storytelling with the science of marketing, giving you a powerful edge in today’s competitive landscape. 

Earn more revenue without jeopardizing your readers’ trust. You know your audience best, so we will work with you to pre-approve brands and develop content that seamlessly integrates with the rest of your site and/or newsletter. 

Explore our pricing options


Looking to drive efficient results? Access premium email, editorial, and native ad placements while only paying for the clicks to your landing page. Billed monthly based on clicks delivered until we hit your budget cap. Risk free cancellation policy means you're never locked into underperforming campaigns

Flat Rate

Looking to increase branding? Upfront fee for a specific number of editorial placements on trusted media sites. Includes premium publishers, content approvals, tracking links and priority in the publishers selected

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